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The Professional package has been designed specifically to generate high clicks and conversions for your product. With a variety of clear crisp Product Shots, Lifestyle Portraits and Proximity Shots. Included are unlimited rounds of revisions to perfect the fine details. The services also comes with a *30 Minute* consultation call.



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Here are some common questions and queries that clients have asked. They should clear up any burning questions on your mind.

The standard delivery time for product images is 5 business days. If you require product photography the time will commence from receiving your product, all other requirements will start from the date you submitted your purchase & submission form.
No. Your layout shots and arrangements will need to be provided and planned before sending your product in. Once these have been confirmed then you will be provided with the address for sending your product in.
There are two options available for lifestyle images.
1. Curly Graphics has access to a range of real life models, environments and props to suit a variety of product types.
2. With access to over 160 million royalty free images stock vendors offer diversity and uniqueness to product shots that would be otherwise be extremely difficult and expensive to capture as standard. Curly Graphics ensures lifelike and emotionally captivating images for either option. These options will be discussed prior to any work is carried out 
Yes, Curly Graphics has access to a range of props, models and environments to suit a wide variety of product types.

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